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Hi, my name is Robyn, and I am a Veterinary Assistant. Because of Irene and Emma (P.M. for April) I was introduced to Sydney, Emma’s sister. Well, who could resist that adorable wrinkly face.

I thought everything would be great. She could come to work with me everyday. After all, I work in an animal hospital. I knew that boxers were very active, playful and people loving dogs but I wasn’t quite prepared for some of the behaviour I was about to experience.

Dog Training, Port Moody, B.C.At work she would stay in the treatment area of the hospital with me, but every time I would leave the room to bring a patient out, do lab work or assist in surgery – even if only for a few minutes – Sydney would continuously yelp. She would not stop until she could see me again.

I tried a squirt bottle, this worked only for a moment and someone always had to be ready. I tried the citronella collar but it wouldn’t always spray at the appropriate time, thus confusing my poor pooch. My solution to this, so I thought, was to let her loose and maybe should would just follow me around. Being the social butterfly that she is, she started to leap right over the front counter to greet the clients and their dogs. Well, not all clients appreciate her big wet tongue on their faces and not all dogs were happy to have her fun loving, playful paws all over them. She also had issues at home – like jumping on every person who walked through the door and pulling like mad when out for a walk. Walking her became a constant battle and absolutely no fun.

Dog Training, Port Moody, B.C.

Things had to change or poor Sydney would end up in a kennel all day at work, and restricted to playing the back yard at home. This was not what I wanted for her.

Then Irene introduced me to Jeff.

On first impression, I found him to be kind and gentle. He truly cares and respects our canine friends. After our home consultation, it was evident that Jeff was knowledgeable and experienced as well. By the end of our consultation, he had answered all our questions, and Sydney would come on command.

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At the end of the first week, we had a dog that would “come”, “off” (furniture, people etc.) and “quiet” on command. It was remarkable how quick Jeff’s training methods worked. At the first park session I was amazed at how all those dogs in the class were heeling off leash with their owners! After only 2 park sessions Sydney was also off leash and heeling right beside me. I no longer have to struggle with her on a walk. Other dogs and distractions don’t cause her to BOLT anymore.

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This whole experience has changed our relationship with Sydney a great deal. We enjoy her so much more. She is no longer a concern at work because she now actually listens to me. The staff love her and the clients are impressed by her.

Burnaby Puppy TrainingPort Coquitlam Dog TrainingI encourage anyone out there who has an energetic dog that has a mind of its own, to give Jeff a call and set up the free consultation.

You won’t regret it.

Thanks again Jeff.