Board & Train

For the Real World

What is Board and Train?

Our board and train program is an ideal option for anyone looking to have their dog trained for them.  Our professional dog trainers will do the work for you!  A great option for anyone going on vacation, busy with daily life, moving or just needing some time to relax.  Bring your dog to stay in our home environment and we will train, socialize, exercise and return them to you fully trained.  We will then show you what your dog has learned and train you on how to continue and maintain your dog’s training.  In addition, you will have access to our group training classes and mentoring for the life of your dog!

Become a Dog Trainer

What's included with Board and Train?

  • Customizable program to address all of you’re training goals or needs from standard obedience to behavioural modification
  • Daily training in the real world around distractions.
  • Dog and human socialization
  • Daily walks, exercise, and playtime.
  • Lots of love, affection, and positive reinforcement.
  • All boarding costs, daycare, and socialization.
  • Dogs live in a home environment as part of our family.
  • Weekly updates with video or photos so you can track your dog’s progress.
  • One on one two-hour private training session to train you the owner.
  • Group training classes for the life of your dog.
  • Training and support for the life of your dog.

How long is the program?

Our standard program is 3 weeks.  Each program is tailored specifically to the goals of the owner and the needs of the dog.

Does it work?

Our program is guaranteed to succeed! What we can do in 3 weeks might take some owners several months to learn, practice, and achieve.  We rely on positive training methods based on scientific principles of learning.  Dogs who learn this way are reliable and can transfer easily to anyone else who uses the same methods.  What your dog learns with us can be done with any member of your family.

To find out more about this program and whether it is right for you, schedule your free demonstration today!