Indoor Obedience

Behaviour & respect in the home.

What is indoor obedience training?

Sit Happens' Indoor Obedience training program is geared towards training and controlling various unwanted actions and activities that your dog or puppy currently exhibit that take place in your home and/or the homes of others.

Our indoor obedience dog and puppy training program deals with teaching your dog to respect personal property and maintain behaviour that is at a level you are comfortable with.

Indoor obedience training is often one of the most valuable and cost effective training programs due to the potential for expensive damage of clothing, shoes, carpets, furniture and other household items.

If you live in the Metro Vancouver areas and are wanting your puppy or dog trained for indoor obedience then give is a call or schedule a Free Demo.

Indoor Obedience Training - Sit Happens Dog Training

What are some of the skills we can learn?

  • Come on command

  • Off of furniture (if desired)

  • No jumping on people

  • Quiet on command

  • Waiting at the door

  • Nipping

  • Chewing

  • Digging

How can I sign up?

You can sign up either by calling us at (604) 908-0256 or by scheduling a  FREE Demo.

No time to train?  We also offer a Board and Train program.