Outdoor Obedience

Keep your dog safe when outside.

What is outdoor obedience training?

Sit Happens' Outdoor Obedience training program is geared towards outdoor activities for you and your dog or puppy. Many of the easy to learn commands and skills taught in this training program deal with keeping your pet safe and under control while you enjoy the outdoors.

As exciting as being outdoors with your pets is, distractions and increased risks are abundant so being able to keep your dog focused and remain in control allows you to better manage those risks and keep your pet safe from possible dangers including, places, other animals and things.

If you want outdoor obedience training for your dog, please give is a call to arrange your Free Demo.

Outdoor Obedience Training - Sit Happens Dog Training - Coquitlam - Burnaby - Maple Ridge - Vancouver

What are some of the skills we can learn?

  • Come on command

  • Heel with an automatic sit

  • Leave it

  • Sit on command, beside you

  • Sit on command, at a distance

  • Down on command, beside you

  • Down on command, at a distance

  • Place on command

How can I sign up?

You can sign up either by calling us at (604) 908-0256 or by scheduling a  FREE Demo.

No time to train?  We also offer a Board and Train program.