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Our family first started working with Sit Happens Dog Training back in 2005 with our puppy Cloe, a border collie/lab X.   (That’s a whole other story that you could read about on the 2006 page of “Puppy of the Month”).  Earlier this year we were forced to say a very sad and very early goodbye to our very special Cloe. (This is the part where you should put your mouse down and go hug your dog; you never know when it’ll be the last time)
Overnight our home became a very quite place and we knew something was missing. Though we knew we could never replace our special Cloe, we started researching different breeds to find a new companion that would suit our current lifestyle. After a ton of reading and research we decided on a miniature Australian Sheppard and went on the hunt for that special little someone to welcome into our family.  Then along came Rhia!
Quickly it became apparent to us that Rhia was an old soul.  In our home she was laid back and content to just be around us.  However, outside in the real world was a totally different story.  Outside our home she was not so confident, not laid back AT ALL, and definitely not obedient.
We knew it was going to be a ton of work having a new puppy in our home; but soon realized that we completely misjudged our skills and ability when it came to puppy training.  We took for granted that we could automatically replicate the training that turned our special Cloe into such an incredible companion and family member.  To say it in no uncertain words; we were wrong!

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We realized that all the training in the world wasn’t going to help us unless we had the basics down pat.  Funny thing was we couldn’t remember them, at least not completely.

Moreover, though the basics principles that we used to harness a fearless and hyperactive Border Collie were the same, they needed to be implemented differently for a new puppy with a completely different personality.

What it came down to is that we as a family needed training again. We knew from experience that Sit Happens is who we could turn to for help with that training.

We feel it is important to share that Jeff and Marilyn didn’t train either Cloe or Rhia, they trained us – the human family members.  They proved to us again that it’s not the dog that learns how to be obedient but it’s the people that need to learn to communicate – and communicate consistently.  Port Moody Dog Training

Our dearly missed Cloe spoiled us as over the years she learned to speak our language. Once we relearned how to speak canine (more specifically the puppy dialect) Rhia not only listened to us but her confidence and manners grew daily by leaps and bounds.

Our family is living proof that every dog wants nothing more in the world than to please its owner.

Whether it’s off leash or on, visiting friends or friends visiting us, you can never underestimate the value that everyone gets from a dog that understands what it is you expect from them.

To sum it all up, because of the training that Jeff and Marliyn provided our family, and once we relearned the value of consistency, our home was once again alive with the musical sounds that can only come from a four legged friend; that wonderful jingle that the tags on a dog collar make, the unmistakable sound made by a puppy chasing kibble around her bowl, and the look in their eyes and the dance she does when you even just whisper the word “walk”.

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Thanks Jeff, Marliyn, and the Sit Happens team again for the best dog training service ever!

Cheers!  Barb and Frank