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As a family we researched different dog breeds and decided which one would work for us. We wanted an athletic, medium size dog that was good with children. We looked in several different S.P.C.A’s, pet stores, newspapers and even friends who had puppies for sale. We knew the right puppy/dog would come along and we took our time searching. Cloe came from a dog broker out in Langley and she was everything we wanted with a bonus of being so cute. Cloe was a 10-week-old Border Collie/Lab X puppy. What we learned very quickly about her is that (as a working dog) if not constantly occupied she was very destructive. Add the “puppy factor” – what a handful!

We started teaching Cloe the basic commands but what we didn’t know is how to deal with her other behavioural issues. Cloe’s first month was not so good. (The phrase “pain in the $#@” comes to mind.) Cloe is a very smart puppy with a mind of her own. She was very stubborn and out of control. She nipped, chewed (everything and anything she came across) and bullied the kids. This is not the type of behaviour we were prepared for, or willing to tolerate. Our seven-year-old son wanted to get rid off her. The stress from this out of control puppy was not fun.

We are so glad good news spreads quickly. My brother and his wife had a puppy and they found Jeff with Sit Happens. They shared with us their experiences of working with Jeff and how quick the results came with their 14 week old Beagle. The words “immediate results” were music to our ears. We called Jeff with Sit Happens and had our first meeting. Jeff offered precise answers to our questions making our family believe there was an end to this “demon spawn” we brought into our home. He actually said “we can fix this” and guaranteed it.

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Jeff came over a week before Christmas and trained our whole family (kids 10 & 7) how to work with Cloe. The knowledge he has in dog behaviour is over and above anyone else we know. Even our vet was not much help. She kept saying its normal behaviour for a puppy. Jeff told us that we would be able to enjoy our Christmas as a family. He was right. In less than a week, Cloe stopped nipping, would come when called and stayed on a place.

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We had a wonderful Christmas because we started loving our puppy instead of resenting her.

In the New Year we started attending Jeff’s outdoor classes and the surroundings were very distracting to Cloe. It started coming together very quickly. Cloe started becoming fun to take places. She would be the centre of attention by children and adults because she was smart and well behaved. Between both kid’s activities we are always on the go and, because of her training, Cloe is a part of that. She is a regular fixture at lacrosse, hockey and softball events, and actually has developed her own little fan club.

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Cloe is a happy dog because she is part of the family. Our seven-year-old son (who once wanted to get rid of her) brought Cloe in for show-and-share time at school. Our daughter’s class had pet day at school and she was so proud to show her class everything her puppy could do and how well she listened.
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In July ’05, Cloe (now eleven months) came with us to Banff for a dance competition for our daughter. We decided to turn this trip into a ten-day family vacation – “Road Trip”.
It seems that every Best Western (dog friendly hotels) between Vancouver & Drumheller now has a small chapter of the Cloe fan club. Our Cloe has matured from “demon spawn” to “rock star”.
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Thank you Jeff for helping us have a fifth member in our family photos.

Frank, Barb, Teile and Cole (Proud servants of Cloe)