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At the very end of September my 12 year old dog had passed away due to congested heart failure and we were left with my parent’s eleven year old toy poodle. Over the year’s with my dog I had become a dog fanatic, I love dog’s and I found it very hard to live without my own dog.

In late October we (my family) decided to get Zane a 4 month old Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie). Zane when we first got him loved to chew on everything and he loved to jump up and nip my face on a daily basis if he got irritated. Zane would also try to dominate my parent’s dog who is at least three fourth’s the size of Zane.

Dog Training Pitt MeadowsWe decided that Zane needed some training. We were recommended by Pet Habitat’s to Jeff when we got Zane and they guaranteed me he was an excellent trainer. Taking their recommendation I called Jeff and I explained my issues with Zane and I thought he needed training. Jeff was extremely confident that he could fix Zane’s problems.

Within the first session we had with Jeff, Zane seemed like a new dog. We were able to prevent him and teach him to stop him nipping me, chewing on the furniture and dominating our toy poodle. Within weeks we had him responding to Sit, Come and Off. It was truly amazing and a miracle for the furniture around the house.

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We have been training Zane for only a few months’ now and he is responding to an extensive list of commands. Through Jeff’s training Zane is responding on cue and being very precise when we command him. Now I am also able to keep Zane off leash in Puppy Training Pitt Meadowsmost area’s I go because I can trust him to definitely respond to me regardless of the situation.

I am extremely glad that I went to Jeff to get training for my dog. Through his training my dog has become a very responsive, good natured dog that is extremely friendly and gets along with everyone. I am in awe with what change’s Zane has undergone especially the part where he stopped nipping my nose.

I strongly encourage that anyone who has a dog who has an attitude, bad habits, extremely energetic and loves to chew Puppy Training Vancouveranything he can get his paws on to contact Jeff for a free consultation. Jeff’s methods are very easy to use and work extremely fast. You will definitely get a very responsive dog who will think for himself.

Thanks, Jeff.
From, Alek Hrycaiko.