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Vega was 12 weeks old when we signed him up for obedience training with Sit Happens. He was biting, chasing our cats, getting into everything he could get his paws on and would not listen to us.

Within one week all that stopped.

In the weeks following, we attended the park sessions and Vega learned very quickly. Vega now comes, sits, downs and heels on command (voice and hand signals). We have not had to use a leash with Vega since he was about 16 weeks old. We have never had to raise our voice to him. He is so obedient that we have decided to enroll him in agility training.

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Vega is now six months old and we are pleased to say that we have a very polite, well socialized and well behaved young dog. We can bring him anywhere with us without worrying about how he will behave. Distractions do not phase him anymore. We are constantly stopped and complimented on how well behaved he is. People cannot believe he is only six months old. He now approaches people and other animals with respect and politeness.

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We would like to thank Jeff for giving us the tools and guidance to make all this happen.

Yours truly,

Carrie Brule, Foster Adams and Linda Brule