Trouble - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



Trouble is Trouble no more!

When my daughter named our golden retrieve puppy Trouble, the vet asked me if I knew what I was doing. I laughed and said “yes”. Little did I know that after having him neutered, Trouble started living up to his name.

I know most dogs become calmer after neutering. Not Trouble. He became extremely aggressive with other dogs – big, small, it didn’t matter – he would take them all on and not just one at a time.

Working with another dog trainer brought only marginal success. Trouble sort of learned to sit, stay, come and heel. However he would only do it in the house. Outside, he would see another dog and it would be game over. It got so bad, people at the parks started asking me why I brought a dog “like that” to the parks – and that was when I had him on a leash!

So, one day as I drove up Mountain Hwy, I saw this colorful van with “Sit Happens” emblazoned on the side. I raced up after it to get the phone number. Jeff answered and said he would come over to meet Trouble and assured me he could solve the problem.

Honestly, I was hopeful but skeptical.

Jeff came to the house and showed me his well-trained dog. He took the time to explain his training methods to me. And he spent the time to train me before we dealt with Trouble.

We took Trouble outside and I watched Jeff handle him. I have to tell you I was impressed. There was no jerking on the leash, or raising of voices. Trouble was wagging his tail telling everyone how happy he was. And on subsequent visits to the house, Trouble was and is always excited to see Jeff.

Now when I can take Trouble to the park, I don’t have to worry. He is well behaved.

And he no longer lives up to his name!

Thanks Jeff.