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I feel like we won Sugar in a lottery.

I saw her on and was immediately captivated by her unusual appearance. I then read her bio and found out that she was ‘adorable’. That clinched it – cute and adorable, so I then went about the unbelievable process of trying to adopt her from the Surrey Animal Resource Centre – a 3 page application form including references and history of past dog ownerships. Hmmmmmm, I thought, not the same procedure as the last dog I had adopted from a shelter. Nevertheless, I went ahead…filled out the forms (truthfully too!) and hoped for the best.

One week went by….two weeks went by….I called the shelter and found out she had recently been spayed and that the meet and greet sessions were about to begin. I waited for the call……one week later….got the appointment to meet her. Apparently we were the last people on the list of 21 applicants!!! Aaargh, and I had been informed that her adoption would be based on a first come basis. Anyway, long story… the end of our session we were told she was ours. Yahooooooooo!!  Won the lottery!

On the way home, she threw up in the car…oh, well, nerves I guess.  Didn’t eat for the next 3 days but still managed to throw up every one of those days!  Least of our problems…..

Sugar didn’t LISTEN!!!  Didn’t come when called, didn’t sit, didn’t stop when told not to eat the furniture, the trees in the back yard, the flowers, the pillows, her new bed……

Hmmmmm, cute  – yes, adorable – yes, hard to manage – yes!!

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We live in front of an off-leash dog park, but couldn’t let her off leash to play with the other dogs because she had no recall. That meant walking on a leash, which she constantly pulled on, and walking a LOT because she is young and needs lots of exercise!!

Had had dogs in the past with issues but had always managed to deal with them without professional assistance.


Not this time…..I started searching the web….and calling….sorry, all full….sorry, no classes for 3 months… response.

Then I found Sit Happens…called…THEY CAME….THEY CONQUERED!!!Pitt Meadows Dog TrainingAll is well. Sugar is now a well-behaved member of our family. Everyone who meets her not only comments on her great, easy-going nature (which she already came with), but also her great listening skills.

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We’ve only had her for a few months, but are proud of her achievements, and our own of course, but most of all, we know we can take her wherever we go and no one will be bothered or annoyed by her presence. Most people find it a pleasure to make her acquaintance.

So, thank you very much to the Sit Happens team.

We are now the proud parents of a well-adjusted teenager and intend to continue training well into adulthood and beyond (both ours and hers).