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Being an outdoor enthusiast, I wanted a dog that would compliment my lifestyle. The day I met Jamie Klein at Readyfor Tollers  and her wonderful pack of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, I knew the breed was perfect for me. Patiently waiting for an available puppy, I visited Jamie’s September litter of 9 on a weekly basis since they were born. One always stood out to me, one of the the smallest males, named after my favourite fly fishing river. With many small bribes and serious death threats Jamie blessed me with Skagit, although she’ll just tell you it was simply a match to be. We were off to conquer the world…. off-leash!!!

I always knew I wanted Skagit to be an off-leash dog, but I had no idea how to make it safe in every environment around thousands of possible distractions. The breeder recommended Jeff at Sit Happens, as her 3 dogs had been through the training with fabulous results. With a quick phone call, Jeff headed over a few days later with a short demo. I was sold instantaneously! Just thinking of the level of responsiveness that Skagit could achieve had me keener than ever to start right away.

Dog Training, Coquitlam, B.C.


We started the program when Skagit was only 10 weeks old and we’ve never looked back, or anywhere else for needed obedience advice. Jeff has been wonderful in helping me in Skagit’s early development and we’re only looking forward to what we can achieve into his adult years.

Skagit is lucky enough to come to work with me everyday, but even socially he is welcomed everywhere weDog Training, Coquitlam, B.C. go. Obedient dogs are welcomed into households and environments that normally “shun” our four-legged friends. I’m normally scolded now, not for bringing my dog, but rather for NOT bringing him to the party. Everyday, everywhere we go, Skagit is turning heads with his level of obedience. A well behaved puppy, but also the sweetest playful little river duck dog you’ve ever met.

Dog Training, Coquitlam, B.C.At 5 months old, Skagit is completely off-leash. I’ve never needed toDog Training, Vancouver, B.C. scold my dog, I’ve rarely raised my voice. Every walk is a positive adventure full of freedoms. I’m always comforted knowing that even in the remotest of places, my best friend is safe. The trust and respect we have developed has created a stronger bond than anything I’ve experienced in my life.