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After my wife and I bought a new home, we decided it was time for a new addition  to our family. We had thought long and hard about getting a dog and after visiting one of our local Animal Shelters, and it was love at first sight  when we saw Shelby. We were told she had been at the shelter twice already, the first time as a stray and second time she was returned because her owner could not look after her anymore. She had been at the shelter for a number of months and we could tell she wanted a home.

Once we got Shelby home we realized that our new 96 pound “baby” was going to need some form of training. She constantly pulled on her leash when we were out on walks and was so curious about anything that moved she would charge off to investigate, dragging us behind. It was becoming dangerous to us and for Shelby.

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The sight of us out of control, behind a big dog was probably a bit unsettling as people crossed the road away from us. We wanted Shelby to be in our control and knew she would need training, fast! We enrolled her in a class using treats and choke chain collars as training aids. We were not too keen on bribing our dog or strangling her into submission while trying to get her to obey us. All we really learned from those classes were that when her ears were drawn back over her head…she was not happy.

Pitt Meadows Dog TrainingWe had heard of Sit Happens through other people walking their dogs with confidence and off leash through the dog parks. We were more than skeptical over the effectiveness of Jeff’s training methods but we needed some help and thought we had nothing to lose by having him come over. So one evening, Jeff came over and began to tell us how the training worked.

The skepticism remained. However as soon as we went outside, Jeff began walking our Shelby like she had been his dog for years.

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After only a few outdoor sessions, Shelby had excelled in her training and passed all of our expectations for obedience training.
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She loves getting up on the weekends and going to the classes. Shelby is a treat to walk now and we get compliments from everyone we pass, about how well behaved she is and how great she listens to both of us.

We now have the confidence to leave her in “place” on her bed while we are outside, not having to worry about her chasing off after another dog or anyone walking by.

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We are extremely grateful for the training we have received from Sit Happens.
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Thank you,
Chris Kari, and Shelby!