Rufus - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



Rufus joined us from Paris Poodles at 7 weeks and 10 lbs in March 2013. This March he is 60lbs.He is our fourth Standard Poodle puppy, the first with a full tail.

He is a joyous enthusiast for people, places, walks and other dogs!

I wanted a change in training – away from a gym surrounded by many loud barking dogs all being yanked around by the neck as I failed utterly to teach my dog to “Heel”!.I felt defeated after practising well all week, only to step back into the gym and instantly my dog and I would be at odds.
Sit Happens simplified training so that I could learn to express my instructions to Rufus gently.It made being consistent achievable.

The puppy socialization classes were great fun, with a range of puppy sizes and temperaments, he even got to play with two of his siblings.Puppy Training Burnaby
We all absorbed the main lesson which is to stop playing and “Come!”. It was impressive that by the third class all the puppies could pose together for their picture.
When we looked for a puppy we wanted a traveling dog. One that could go where we went, meet people, and walk anywhere as a civil ‘citizen’ dog.
Sit Happens classes extend his daily experiences, with all the usually distractions of dogs and people, that so often cause a tight leash, bouncing and barking.The training works so well because attending class is almost serene. Together in class we practise calmly and quietly moving around and among students and handlers without fuss.

Puppy training Burnaby Vancouver B.C.As a result Rufus has enjoyed hiking in Pemberton, Merritt, and Saltspring Island.

He is welcomed in the care home where he visits Mother.

With this ground work, and continued Sit Happens training he will be applying to become a visiting dog.