Rozy - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



I have had Australian Blue Heelers for the past 25 years, they are my breed of choice.

When I lost my last one in 2008 I began my search for another one. I had always used a breeder before but this time decided to rescue an adult dog from the Burnaby SPCA. There I found the very lovable Rozy. She was 4 1/2 yrs. I was told she was not socialized, living her entire life in the back yard, surrounded by a chain link fence. The SPCA spayed her and released her into my care 2 days later. Yea!

Rozy rode well in the car home, walked by my side well. A perfect Velcro dog!

Then we went inside my home, she sniffed at things and then happily went to the bathroom on the floor, smiling up at me the whole time. Oh! She wasn’t house broken, silly me! One of the reasons I had wanted an older dog was to avoid puppy training. I have MS  and didn’t think I had the strength or energy for that again. Surprise!

Rozy got me out walking several times a day, in all types of weather. It took 1 month to fully housebreak her. But the real challenge was to come.

I noticed that as Rozy got more comfortable with me she began to display some uncontrollable behaviour around other dogs. Especially “yappy” dogs. She would do a quick lunge, not biting but scaring them and their owners, and nearly knocking me off my feet.

I took Rozy to 3 different dog trainers over the next 6 months. All would train me & Rozy well at their place but when I left them Rozy would be back at her lunge routine within 1 week.

I was doubting my ability to keep Rozy, but I did love her. I went online to look for a trainer in my area . That was where I learned about Sit Happens. I was not too hopeful when I initially spoke with Jeff, but did arrange to meet for the free consultation. After watching Sit Happens work with Rozy for 10 minutes I knew that they could help me.

Rozy has responded so well! Jeff assessed Rozy as a reactive, not aggressive dog. We go to outdoor training with 20 or more dogs. They are all responsive to the owners, including my Rozy!

I can now walk down the street with Rozy, past other dogs and there is no lunging. I even take her to my neighbourhood park off-leash and others are praising her good behaviour. I tell them to phone Sit Happens. It works for Rozy and me!

I thank God for Rozy and Sit Happens. They truly love dogs and want to improve relationships between dogs and their human pack.


Cindy Mason, and Rozy too!