Murphy - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



My puppy story goes as most puppy stories do – full of excitement, training, and learning – patience on my part!

My brother and I brought a puppy home to our parent’s house where we were living at the time.  We brought this black lab x golden retriever home to the very big surprise of my parents, as we hadn’t mentioned the thought of it before to them.  At first they were pretty upset – they didn’t want to look after a dog!  But after three hours of watching him play in the backyard, they were no longer wanting him gone but trying to name him!

Murphy, which turned out to be our name of choice, learned to develop good manners from the beginning; no getting on furniture without an invitation, waiting by his dish full of food until we said he could go, and no barking!

That went great; he was a very well behaved dog – inside the house!  Outside was a different story.  Murphy seemed to find great pleasure in ripping tufts of grass out of the lawn and having us chase him around and round to stop, fun game!  He was a leash puller; always wanting to lead his own way and never liked to follow.  He would definitely not come when called, that was his constant failing, and that’s where Sit Happens came in.

I emailed Jeff and a week later Sit Happens was at our home for a consultation.  They met Murphy, explained the programs and what results we could expect to see, then took us outside to watch their dog in action.


We all felt this would be great for Murphy to get involved in, so two home sessions later we were out in the parks training first-hand!

Now the results are outstanding, and it didn’t take very long at all to notice them.  We walk Murph off leash constantly now and he’ll walk right beside us the whole way – how nice!  He’ll sit, lie down and stay in his place now consistently, even come when called every time.  All my friends, and even strangers on the street, comment on how well behaved he is, and I never get sick of hearing it!

My brother Mike and I really appreciate the expertise and training provided by Sit Happens!