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Our family’s journey into dog ownership began three years ago.

We are a young family with two daughters aged 10 and 8, and like most children; ours began asking for a family pet.

As parents we weren’t convinced it was a good idea given the busyness of our lives. We wanted to be sure we had the time to train a dog adequately so that he would be well behaved and well mannered.

Recently, my wife came to a point where she has taken some time off from her career and we thought if there was any a good time to raise a puppy it would be now. We were full of nervous anticipation and excitement of what was going to be a big adjustment to our lives.

Shortly after we brought our Moses home we began our search for who we wanted to help us out with training our new family addition. It was through a referral from a friend that we were directed to Jeff at Sit Happens.

His demonstration in our front yard was something I will never forget. His young dog was so obedient I could hardly believe it. I thought if I could get half of the results I observed in Jeff’s dog I would be happy. Burnaby Puppy TrainingWell I can tell you that in the 4-5 months we’ve been working with Jeff, our little puppy is a wonderfully obedient and well-mannered dog. We couldn’t be happier with the results we see in our puppy and the positive benefits it has brought to our family.

Moses gets lots of compliments on his behaviour and sweet disposition and I can attribute a lot of that to the work Jeff and his team have done with us.

Jeff’s training philosophy is sound and straight forward. The beauty of his system lies in its simplicity. Everyone in our family, especially our 8 year old Jaidyn, have complete control of our puppy. It gives us great confidence when out for walks or playing in parks. Pitt Meadows Dog Training

Our little 7 month old Moses is even so obedient I was able to call him out of a fight with some racoons in our yard.

Without the training we’ve received and work we’ve put in with Moses, I can only imagine the damage a backyard fight with a family of racoons could have inflicted on him.

We cannot say enough positive things about the work Jeff and his team have done with us. It is without a doubt the best single investment we have made in our dog ownership experience.

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We look forward to continuing our training to further improve our handling of Moses along with seeing his response as he gets older.

Thanks Jeff and team!!