Mason - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



We got our little Boxer, Mason, at 7 weeks of age. We believed that getting him at a young age gave us the opportunity to raise and teach him to be a well trained dog. Both of us have had dogs in the past that we have trained successfully and thought he would be no problem.

However to our surprise, he would constantly bite, with those needle sharp teeth, and loved to jump on everyone and everything. When we took him out for walks he would constantly pull on the leash; it was like tug off war! Not only that, he would cross in front of you while walking causing us to trip over him or the leash. It was not safe to walk him! We were always shouting at him and thus everyone in the False Creek area knew his name, since we were always calling it out. Nicole and I had tried every trick in the book with no success at all. Our little bundle of joy was turning into the hound from hell and he was only 14 weeks old.

Luckily Jeff’s wife Caroline, who I work with, advised me of her husbands business and how successful he is with training. A little skeptical we contacted Jeff and set up our first appointment in which he astonished us with his dog and his training knowledge. He advised us if we followed his simple training methods we would see immediate results. After attending a couple park sessions within two weeks our little Mason was a completely different dog! We can now feel comfortable having guest over and not worry about them being pounced and chewed on. In addition it is now a pleasure to walk him knowing that he will listen to us for his safety.

We truly believe Mason is now happier; WE DEFINITELY ARE! No more raising our voice at him , pushing him off us , holding him down on his back while his temper tantrum subsides and chasing him down to discipline him.

Nicole, Mason and I would like to thank Jeff for his training methods with dogs and their owners. Jeff has designed his training program with the understanding that owners unfortunately do not always have the time to train their dogs. The park sessions are fun for us and Mason too!! We enjoy meeting other owners with their dogs and feel safe that mason is in a controlled environment to play in. We have already started recommending Jeff to our friends and we will gladly pass on our experiences to any dog owner we meet.

We would like to also extend our thanks to Marilyn and her family for boarding Mason and maintaining his training. Jeff and Marilyn complement each other during the park sessions, allowing Jeff to do one on one coaching. We are very grateful for becoming involved with Sit Happens and hope more owners take advantage to train their dogs with Jeff’s experienced team.

Thank you,

Wade, Nicole and Mason