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My Mom started with Sit Happens in August of 2011 when we got our beautiful Tilly (a former puppy of the month!).Tilly did so well and we found the program so effortless the thought of adding another dog to the family was something very much in our minds (well at least for some of us!!).

My Dad wasn’t’ quite so sure but with a little coaxing and the fact that the new dog would actually belong to me he reluctantly agreed.

In late March, after seeing Lucy’s little face in a photo, we decided to take the plunge. We knew we wanted a smaller dog and I had always wanted a Dachshund so Mom and I were sold and already in love before we even picked her up! And yes, she stole Dad’s heart too – especially when he saw how well the two dogs got along.

Lucy is a Dachshund / Boston Terrier cross. I was aware of some of the “stubborn” traits that both those breeds have so I wanted to get on Lucy’s training as soon as possible.Mom had talked to Jeff before we brought Lucy home and asked how best to introduce her to Tilly. He suggested we let them meet on neutral ground away from our home. It turned out to be great advice (not that we expected anything less) because within an hour of meeting they were running around and playing together.Burnaby Dog Training She had her first in home session on April 7th and now Lucy is 7 months old and walking off leash, she knows her place, heel, come, sit and down commands. She is even able to do sit at a distance. She still has some puppy traits we are working on (she’s a digger and a chewer) but she is making good progress with these as well thanks to the program. I know that the more consistent I am the better she does.

Lucy and Tilly are really the best of friends and play so well together. I believe this is due to the fact that one of the main objectives of Sit Happens is to have well socialized dogs. Both dogs have attended many puppy play sessions with other puppies in the program.Port Moody Dog Trainer

It’s so much fun watching them all romp around together and learn how to behave with the other dogs – large and small. Lucy isn’t put off one bit by the bigger dogs – she gets right in there regardless of size.

Without Sit Happens we don’t think we would have had the confidence to bring another dog into our home (did I mention we also have 2 cats). Puppies are alot of work but knowing we would have the support of the program and the Sit Happens staff there was no doubt in our mind we could handle it. We can’t imagine life without our little Lucy and Tilly is happy to have a “sister” to play and cuddle with.

Puppy Training VancouverMany thanks Jeff and Marilyn! I wonder if there’s a number 3 in our future ?!?!?

Kyla & Diane Sturgess