Lizzy - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



Lizzy is a very social, fun loving Goldendoodle, with this amazing high energy personality. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! For the past 3 years Lizzy has been our greatest challenge. We would cringe at the thought of anyone coming over unexpectedly.


She would charge and jump on anyone coming through the doors and the same when we went on a walk. We had absolutely no control. We would have never dreamed of going for a walk off leash or even attempting to go near a park when there might be other people or dogs.


We had tried everything, or what we thought was everything from other obedience classes and all dog training books out there.


We had heard of “Sit Happens” through another dog owner who was describing her dog challenges and it was like she was describing Lizzy. So I made the call. Jeff came out and showed us what could be and our jaws dropped. Three months and a few park sessions later, we have this well behaved joy of a doodle.

We can take her off leash without being concerned that she will run off or jump on someone, thanks to “Sit Happens”.


She is the same happy lovable “pooch”, but now we have the confidence to take her anywhere without concern for her safety or anyone else’s.