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Wow Puppy of the month!We have only been students at Sit Happens for 2 months but how our life with Kona and his with us has improved.

Kona at 1 year is a very keen hunter and like a lot of sporting dogs when the nose is working his ears are not.

To keep him safe we would excercise him in the park on a 75 foot leash.

Ray would stand that distance from me and I would throw the ball and try not to get it outside the 150 foot radius.

Needless to say it was not the perfect plan.

Ray now has one arm longer than the other and I have a permanent ankle bracelet from the rope wrapping my ankle when I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When we went for a walk Kona was a puller and nearly took me off my feet a few times. Our frustration level was high, its not as if we hadn’ t owned dogs before and we had started trainig lessons at 10 weeks but we were not getting our desired results.We wanted a dog who would come when he was called, could be off leash and controlled and walk on a leash with good manners.

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Well we have that dog now!

Kona is a fast learner and with Jeff’s expertise and teaching skills Ray and I are able to guide Kona with great results.

We have hung up the 75 foot rope, he can be off leash, comes when called, and walks by our side like a gentlman.

We have a lot of strangers stop us to inquire about Kona, most people have not seen a Field Spaniel and the breed mixtures they come up with to explain his look can be quite comical.Dog Training Port Moody They are interested in his breed and by the time they move on extremely impressed with his manners.

Pitt Meadows dog trainerSit Happens has allowed Kona the freedom to follow his instincts, enjoy play time off lead, leisurely walks and stay safe.

Sit Happens has shown us how to teach Kona to be the dog we knew he could be and given us the enjoyment that achievement has brought.

Thank you.