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Jasper is an exuberant and somewhat stubborn 18 month old boxer. I rescued him from a shelter and he arrived at my home three months ago with no obedience training whatsoever – not even “sit”!

He had his share of bad habits including jumping up on everyone, “counter surfing”, and aggressively dominating smaller dogs. He is my first dog and I thought that he and I were in for a long and difficult training sessions.

To my amazement Jeff’s training methods are so effective that within a couple of weeks Jasper was reliably performing several commands including “come”, “sit”, “down”, and “off”. Now he knows over dozen different commands and it is easy to teach him new things.

He is never on a leash because I know that I can count on him to listen to me no matter what is going on around us and I can take him anywhere. Jasper is a happy and polite young dog and my friends enjoy his company and welcome him into their homes. People on the street often stare in amazement and comment on how well trained he is.

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Because Jeff is such a fabulous trainer, and his results are so immediate, Jasper and I didn’t have to go through several weeks or months of training.

Pitt Meadows Dog trainingI am enjoying my new friend much more than I would have, and I am convinced that Jasper is a now happier dog with more freedom than most. He still loves to jump into people’s laps and lick their faces but now he does it “by invitation only”.

Cathy Munn