Chikita - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



Twelve years ago we arrived in Canada with our 11 year old English Staffordshire Terrier/South African Boerbul.  She was an important member of our family and sadly was only with us for one more year.  Like loosing a dear friend she could not be replaced and so I made the decision not to get another dog.  Then one day, ten years later I saw an advert (with photo) in the paper for a chocolate Toy Poodle/Chihuahua – I could not resist!

She was taken away from her mother at 6 weeks and so my husband and I went to fetch her, but unbeknown to me, I had slipped a disc in my lower back that morning.  She was so very tiny and so very young, but the stronger her little body grew so did her attitude.  With the constant pain in my back and the fact that she was so low to the ground and so fast and, most important, chose, on most occasions, to ignore me, I decided that she needed to go to some obedience training classes.  I had taken my previous dog to training in South Africa and it had been done in an open field – a very active, hands on form of training.  I was only able to find indoor, treat based training here.  My little social butterfly had a marvelous time at her 6 classes as she was the only little girl with 5 young boys!

Once this course was finished I decided that a new direction had to be taken as I had no control over Chikita at all, and was on the verge of finding her a new home.  I was not coping as I now had two slipped discs in my lower back.  When I spoke to my husband about this he said he’d gone for a bicycle ride in our area and had seen a dog training session taking place in a park, and all the dogs were very well behaved and working off leash.  The name on the vehicle was ‘Sit Happens’.  I immediately found them on the internet and sent off an inquiry e-mail.  Arrangements were made and I began my first of many enjoyable sessions with little Chikita.

We have worked very hard at making Chikita realize that when she goes out walking the weight at the other end of the leash is me, and that she needs to focus on my wishes rather than going for a meet and greet in the neighbourhood!

I could never have done this without the constant help, support and guidance from ‘Sit Happens’.  Little Chikita and I now have a wonderful time at training classes out in the parks and off leash whenever we feel like it, and this is available to us for her entire life.

We also have the opportunity to enjoy agility classes.  These are so much fun and provide an outlet for Chikita’s speed, intelligence and tremendous attitude!

Thank you Sit Happens – without you we would not be enjoying the company of the newest member of our family, our busy little Chikita who has the heart and soul of a Great Dane!