Charlie - Sit Happens Dog Training - Featured Puppy



After months of consideration our family decided to get another dog.

We knew the breed we wanted and we knew it was a lot of work and time. We are a busy family with 2 kids in activities and working full time. We wanted a dog that could adapt to our family’s busy schedule.

We wanted our dog to be a part of our family and enjoy coming to practices, games, camping, hiking and just lazy family nights on the couch.

When we got our puppy, Charlie (a mini golden-doodle) it became apparent very early that we were going to need help with training him. He was a good boy but we needed the help.

With 5 family members trying to train him and an older dog to consider we knew we needed an expert.

We had seen the Sit Happens van around and decided to meet Jeff with the free consultation at a nearby park.

We met Jeff and his well-trained dog, Holly. Right away we loved how Jeff treated our puppy and us. We started right away. Dog training Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Port Moody

The steps that we were taught in how to train Charlie worked. Everyone in our family was doing the same thing to help Charlie learn and Charlie picked up every step very quickly.



Sit Happens took the stress out of our training….everyone was calm and we never resorted to yelling at our dog like we have seen before at parks and walks.

We are very thankful to Jeff and everyone at Sit Happens for their help and guidance.

Charlie is now 11 months old and has the basics of training mastered and he is enjoying our family as much as we are enjoying him.