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I wanted to send you an email to let you know how well Buster Brown is doing.

Since starting with Sit Happens in June 2012 Buster has become a different dog!

Before we started with Sit Happens Buster was very aggressive towards other dogs and my horses.

I wanted to bring Buster with me to the farm but I couldn’t trust him around my horse. He use to nip at my horses feet and if another dog was around he use to attack the other dogs.

My husband and I even had trouble with him on the leash because he would lunge at strangers and small children.

I am happy to tell you that since starting your program we can now walk Buster on and off a leash with confidence.

He no longer attacks other dogs and has even become very social with other dogs.

I have taken him to horse shows and country fairs and he has been a super star!

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My favorite thing about Buster is now he can come to the barn with me every day!

When I’m having a ridding lesson I will put Buster in a place in a chair and he will sit through my whole lesson. I have even put him in a place and let my horse run around loose and Buster never left his place.

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When I give buster the command to come I can even ride my horse at any pace and buster stays right by my side the whole ride.

You can see in the pictures that even when he is running he is constantly looking up at me. Ive attached some cute pictures of buster with my horse, Ali-Baba.

I never thought that a Pomeranian could actually be a good farm dog!

I have even trained Buster to seek out my horse in a field and get him to come to me.


Coquitlam Dog TrainerThanks again for all of your training and support.


Brad, Diana, Buster Brown and Ali-Baba.