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Blue came to us when he was 6 months old and only 35lbs.

We’ve had a lot of dogs, but never a Pit Bull.

So we did a lot of research, and watched him closely for a few weeks to see how he’d fit in with our other dogs – an 18 month old Sheltie, Whisky, and a 9 year old miniature Dachshund, Saturn.

It’s been great – he and Whisky play constantly, and Saturn loves to keep them in line. It turns out, Blue is an extremely loving, attentive, sweet, playful, friendly and an all-around adorable dog.

He came to us a nicely obedient and respectful dog, but as he grew bigger, we realized that our standard approach to obedience – more or less obedient, most of the time, using physical strength when needed, wasn’t going to be good enough with this strong, enthusiastic boy.

Did I mention he’s friendly? REALLY friendly? This is terrific, but challenging at times.Dog training Vancouver He loves people and dogs and will wander off whenever he has the opportunity, ignoring our calls to come back until after he’s had a chance to introduce himself to ANYONE.Puppy Training Vancouver

This is not always well received and definitely not proper off leash park etiquette. He also likes to jump up, to be sure he’s getting your full attention.

Once he reached 75lbs, we knew we needed help.

So we called Sit Happens and Blue’s level of obedience has taken off. It’s simple – for him and for us.

We’ve only been training since December, but it’s amazing.

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So good that we’ve now enrolled Whisky in the program – he likes to chase cars, squirrels, cats, other dogs, crows, coyotes, …

This training has given Blue and us confidence and freedom that we would never have achieved otherwise.

We truly believe this could one day save Blue and/or Whisky’s life.

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Thanks to everyone at Sit Happens for helping us accomplish so much with our dogs.

 Maureen & Paul