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Blue Rodeo


Blue Rodeo came to me through good friends who were taking care of him for the Fraser Valley Humane Society. I agreed to take him on a trial basis  for a few weeks. In the first week or so, he dug up the backyard, chewed a hole in the bedroom carpet, and stole numerous food items off the kitchen counter. The only command he seemed to know was sit, and that was for a treat.

Shoes and flip-flops were his favorite items to destroy. But he was so loving and affectionate that I wanted him to stay with my family. I knew we couldn’t live with his behavior the way it was so I had to find a way to turn around his bad habits. Being the true Blue Heeler that he is, I knew this wasn’t going to be a small endeavor. So I consulted the experts that I new could help me.

I called Jeff at Sit Happens. The next day, we were being treated to a home visit where we actually witnessed Blue Rodeo listening and obeying simple commands. We were given clear, precise instructions on how we could turn this situation around. After our home visit, we were confident that we could learn and practice excellent training techniques so that Rodeo could remain in our family. We started going to the outdoor park sessions where we met other wonderful dog owners and their beloved dogs Over the past year, we have learned how to have a well behaved dog that we can take to parks off leash, take to other people’s houses, take camping and anywhere else we want to go. Rodeo has become such a well adjusted dog. He will even stay on his “place” bed while I am out in the front yard doing gardening.

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Last week, my friend and I were walking our dogs on the Pitt River dyke. A farm dog came up to the fence and in a split second, our dogs were chasing the farm dog across the field at what seemed the speed of sound. In no time, they appeared to be small spots in the distance. And then the most miraculous event happened. I yelled Rodeo’s name and he turned on a dime and started running back to me. He ran all the way back and sat at my side. I knew then that I had just seen “instant results”.

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Jeff is an excellent, knowledgeable dog trainer who teaches you how to get the results you want without the treats, choke collars and the yanking and yelling that often come with other methods of training. He has an obvious affection for dogs and is approachable and knowledgeable. Because of the encouragement and patience, I now have the tools I need to train Rodeo effectively. We have enjoyed the park sessions so much that we are waiting with great anticipation for the agility lessons.

Because of Sit Happens, Blue Rodeo now has an enjoyable life with a family that truly loves him and we have a great companion that we cherish every day.
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I highly recommend the program that Sit Happens has to offer. Thanks to this awesome training method, I have the pleasure of spending everyday with my beloved Rodeo. And to Michelle and Maria, thanks for giving me such a wonderful little buddy. I am truly grateful.