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Berkley is now 18 months old and is doing great! We got him as a little puppy when he was only two months old. Although he was cute, by the first week he was already eating dirt, jumping up and biting our arms, chewing the table leg, scratching the couch, and annoying other dogs by being a bit too friendly. We knew that he was going to be big, and smart, and we were worried about what might happen as he grew up. It was confusing trying to choose what method of training to use.
After some research, and seeing how our friends and family didn’t have much success with training with treats, we wanted to find something more effective. Berkley also had a sensitive tummy, so treats were not going to help us. After having Berkley for only two weeks, we called Sit Happens. They came to our house a few days later and answered all our questions. They also showed us their well-behaved dog and promised us that Berkley could be like that too.
We were surprised that the training was so simple and straight forward.
The first home visit was great, they showed us how to deal with all of the things Berkley was doing. We were surprised that it was so simple and straight forward.  We learned that as long as we were consistent in the commands we were giving him, he could learn quickly. We saw immediately how the training allowed Berkley to gain confidence.
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One of the most helpful things we got out of training was curbing Berkley’s crazy puppy energy. Through training, he was physically and mentally challenged. We could take him for a 15 minute walk, and tire him out by using commands. We learned that it’s not always necessary to take a dog for two hour long walks. The training also helped us deal with barking, chewing, and even potty training. The tips we were given worked quickly. Berkley has only gone pee in our house once since we got him!
We now know that a happy dog needs to have rules, be challenged, and have a lot of love and praise. Berkley can now heel, sit, stay, jump over things, give a high-five, roll over, crawl, speak, and even close a cupboard door! We have also done a session of agility classes with Sit Happens, and he loved it.
As owners, we feel confident that our dog is safe at all times. We feel proud when people at the dog park ask us where we went for training. We also feel sorry for those owners who don’t take the time to train their dogs, or use improper techniques. The training with Sit Happens was worth every penny. It truly is lifetime training for the dog, and for us. We still attend group sessions, as they are always a good refresher!                                                                                                                                                         
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As owners,
we feel confident
that our dog is
safe at all times!