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I can’t recommend “Sit Happens” enough if you love your dog and want to get both of you trained effectively for living in today’s very hectic world, with its abundance of high traffic. Here is our story.

I was finding my retirement very boring so I decided to get myself a little dog that would be easy to manage in my “Golden Years.” We would grow up and older together, as roommates, and best friends, the 3 of us. I like to walk a lot, and knew having a dog would get me out more, and keep me active and fit. So, after looking at all the smaller breeds, I decided on a Chorkie, which is a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier cross. I soon enough learned it wasn’t a terrier at all I got, but indeed a cute, little terror!

I had already taken Annie, to one puppy class, and I have to say she actually “flunked!” Stubborn, you bet! She passed “play” well enough but discipline wasn’t her forte’. I knew a lot of it had to do with me too and knew I needed help. I had dogs in the past including a Doberman, and a golden Labrador, this little, itty, bitty Chorkie, with its feisty attitude, and unbelievable speed at my age was beginning to be just too exhausting for me, and a real problem. I wondered if I had made a mistake in my choice, no matter how cute she was, and my cat surely agreed with that too. She terrorized Sheba, my Bengal cat every waking second, and I could not get her to realize she was not a toy!

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I saw a car drive by on the highway during one of our walks that simply said, “Sit Happens,” and I said, out loud, “Sure it does, but not in my house.” I took the number off the car as I assumed it was some sort of dog training, and called when I got home. I talked with the owner, Jeff and told him I had this little terror that loved eating shoes, heels, toes, and terrorizing my cat, and asked if he thought they could help. He told me that he also had a small dog, and he would be come over for a consultation to demonstrate that indeed, “Sit Happens!” I was amazed! The fact they came to me was a bonus too, as I didn’t drive, so I couldn’t wait.

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From the first second I met Jeff and his wee dog, I knew he meant business with Annie and me too in fact. Watching him and his dog was encouraging, and I could see that Annie and I would indeed learn how to make our relationship work. I couldn’t believe the progress we made on our first session, and of course that inspired me to carry through with Annie’s training. A few simple commands were all I needed to get the best little buddy I think I could ever find, and thanks to “Sit Happens”, Annie indeed sits! She looks forward to her walks now, and so do I. “Sit happens,” and so does, “Come,” which was the most important command to me, because of all the traffic these days.

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Thank you Jeff for showing me how to become the leader of this pack of three and I know now we will indeed live happily ever after.
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Annie, Sheba, and Sharon McRae